This is me, Jonathan. You may remember me from the homepage.

Jonathan, a short history

(Don't blame me, you clicked on this page!)

I was born nearly 4 decades ago in the rolling countryside of South Wales. I suppose you could say my childhood was fairly normal and I remember one particular incident...*incoherent mumbling*...and that's how I ended up relocating to New South Wales! Funny story, hey? But enough about that...

Jonathan, present day

I've often described my working background as "varied". Over the course of my career I have worked in sales, customer service, administration, surveillance (I have some funny stories, I'll tell you another time), marketing, revenue management, warehousing, photography and data entry. I'm also a writer (although no-one has paid me for this yet).

Simply put, my background has given me the fairly unique ability to understand both your business as a whole, and all aspects of customer behaviour. It has also given me the ability to communicate with people at a level they understand, and not overload people with technical jargon such as "keyword ranking, SEO optimisation, bounce rate, heat map, HTML, CSS, java, domains, responsiveness and hosting". Honestly, web design is full of "buzzwords", I swear half of them are made up!

I started Patch Web Design because I was tired of seeing websites that just looked the same as any other. These "Cookie-cutter" or "template" websites are simple, require very little effort to make, and look relatively nice, but they all follow the same formula: Big image at the top, followed by icons with key selling points, a bit of text, a couple of images, and a contact form. I'm not saying they are necessarily bad, they have their place, but I want to make you a website that reflects your business, that has a bit of individuality, and will make people pick you over the other 5 businesses that they are looking at.


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